05 October 2007

one week gone by

So not having internet is very difficult. Gone is my routine of hanging out online for a few hours before going to bed every ngiht. And as a result it is difficult to keep a good account day to day. So perhaps until a month from now, this blog my not be very exciting.

A list will have to suffice for now:

Went to a sweet waterfall.
Went to an Onsen. No tattoos allowed, or clothes.
Went into the beautiful mountains.
Ate horse meat.
Failed horribly the Japanese Placement test.
Went out drinking every single night.
Finally got a cell phone (keitai).
And some other stuff.

A highlight was a night of drinking with some random Nihonjin who were wasted on the street and they invited us to party with them. We learned an awesome drinking game and I flirted all night with a cute chick that sells makeup at a nearby mega-store. Turns out she was married. Whoops.

Plans for this weekend. More of the same. Drink. Drink Drink.

29 September 2007


Happy Cock? Not mine.

So last night was Nightzout; for the first time.

"Baa ni ikimashou ka?" I said to my language tutor.
"Hai, iine!" Or something like that, it sounded more manly. His name is Ryu, and I am very happy because his english is not very good. Many of the people here have language tutors who have very good english skills and therefore they don't spend much time speaking japanese. I was able to spend an entire day practicing and learning and hopefully, imparting some of my most sophisticated knowledge of the english language to him.

Anyway we went to a bar called Happy Cock. You can find stuff about it online, its somewhat popular amoung foreigners. 3000 Yen. All you can drink. Fucking hungover.

Unfortunately the computers in the lab are ancient so I can't connect my camera or do anything on the internet (it dosent have the latest IE installed-so no aim, posting on people's walls, flash dosent work=fuck me). But, soon I will have some good pictures (maybe even one of me doing the Abe Lincoln). Definately some sips and some shrimp and white wine.

I learned that I have absolutely no game with any of the locals, about all I could muster was a pathetice "Odorimasenka?" No one was buying it. Nevertheless the night was spent dancing, having tequila poured into my mouth and tons of asahi. Also at some point this ugly american bartender was spraying the crowd with hydrogen or helium or some shit. There is also a Happy Cock regular who wears a pink shirt and a bright red suit, I have since heard that he usually wears a suit with the kanji for "pretty pig" on the back

Bottom line. Crazy.

My room is sweet, I have a balcony and a private bathroom. I've been meeting a ton of people from all around the world. This year is going to be completely insane. Pics to come.

In the past three days I have slept only twice and for a total of about 10 hrs. Jet lag is a bitch.

Hey Bus, there are some people from Michigan that remembered you from Japanese class as the weird kid with the beard. My words. His name is Andrew and he said you were funny. What an idiot (maybe he was lying).

28 September 2007

Here I am.

Well I made it.

Three thoughts: hot, hot, slow internet.

I woke up at 5:30 am today, that was fun. Got to watch the sun rise over mountains. I didn't even notice the mountains last night.

Tonight we go drinking.

Tomorrow hopefully I will be able to sleep.

I won't have internet in my room for three weeks. Hopefully I will have pictures soon. Think I'm gonna cancel Wow in the meantime.

Any requests for information? Email or Facebook.

16 September 2007

It's getting very close

10 days left. Just as it's starting to really feel like fall. It's getting cooler outdoors. Football is in full swing.

Somehow I still need to re-learn Japanese. Most importantly though is that I have to pack. How do you pack to go away for 10 months? Usually I count the days I'll be gone and then pack that amount of underwear socks and t-shirts. That won't quite work. When I leave for school I just pack everything I own. That won't work either.

That's the goal this week. Figure out what to pack. Then a week from now, I'll actually start packing...maybe.

17 August 2007


Watched home movies tonight. It seems like forever since I've done that. Ever since we switched from the real video recorders with the full tape. No one bothered to figure out how to use it, past turning it on and recording. Nevertheless we've acquired quite a collection.

It was especially weird to see fotage of me I didn't realize existed. It had an awkward candid feeling to it. It was revealing to me. It reminded me of of who I was; then.

What have I become?

I'll wait until it's on dvd.

13 August 2007

Home again, home again. Jiggity-jig.

Well, I made it. 12 weeks with Motorola in the suburbs of chicago. It is nice to be back.

The school year is approaching so quickly, and with the school year comes me flying to Japan.

I have now received my Certificate of Eligibility! Now I just need a visa. Passport->COE->Visa->They let me into the country.

The next three weeks are already booked. Up north for the next week, then New York, then welcome week at UM. After that who knows what will go on during the three weeks leading up to my departure.

Quick recap of last couple weeks:
Parents came and went.
Lollapalooza with Heners (Daft Punk is incredible)
Internship presentation
Last hockey game at Twin Rinks
Drove to Ann Arbor
Played with the Blackbears
Merm left for good
Returned to rochester
Installed WOW on my sisters computer (works surprisingly well on macbooks)

Anyway, as times to Japan are closer approaching, I hope to post a bit more. Til then.

Days til Japan: 45